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Pillow Protectors

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  1. Super Soft And Comfortable Quilted Pillow Case

    Super Soft And Comfortable Quilted Pillow Case

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    Relish your sleep with our stunning high quality quilted pillow case. Our super soft quilted pillow cases are well known for superior quality and high durability. Its lavish polycotton casing is extremely soft and smooth to pamper your skin. Bedding mill offer this luxurious quilted pillow case in 19" x 29" size that will surely bestow you with cosy and comfy sleep. Our quilted pillow case is highly durable, machine washable and wonderful for furnishing majestic warmth in every season. Learn More

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Pillow Protectors

Add years to your pillow with lavish Pillow protectors

Genuinely, people feel affection for the pillows they use. They usually cling to it and could never imagine replacing them because they know the fact that they would never get that “just perfect” warmth and feeling. If you are one of them, pillow protector is what you should go for. Pillow protectors add years to your pillows and should be considered as an important ingredient of the bedding.

Pillow protectors have zip at the end for gripping the pillow completely. They enclose your pillow entirely protecting it from dust, stains, accidental fluids, bugs and various other allergens. Further, it also minimizes frequent wear and tear and protects your pillows from dead skin tissues.

Today, market is crammed with ample of pillow protectors in array of styles and sizes. From bug resistant to hypo allergic to high cotton protectors, they are available in wide range of lavish fabrics. Natural and highly durable cotton is the superb fabric for pillow protector due to its breathable property and softness. High thread count cotton pillow protectors block dust mites awarding you with allergy free and healthy sleep. A water proof pillow protector shield your pillows with unintentional spills and permanent liquid stains. Bug resistant pillow protectors are usually made up of synthetic fabric, hindering bugs to pass through them. Ideal for every family, anti allergy pillow protectors are manufactured with special treatment which inhibits the growth of harmful microbes, letting you sleep at ease.

Besides saving you from various germs, dusts and bugs attack, these pillow protectors bestow a bonus of softness and support to you. Being made from extremely soft fabric, they honour you with extra layer of comfort. It is highly advisable to wash your pillow protectors at high temperature with high drying conditions to ensure maximum bacterial wipe out.

It is not recommended to wash your pillows every month especially if your pillow is of feather filings. This is because frequent washing can make your pillow turn flat and bumpy. With high quality pillow protectors, there is no need of washing your pillow every month or two. These pillow protectors completely shield your pillows and save you from bacterial attack and microscopic mites. Rather, you can just wash your protectors every week and keep your pillows clean and hygienic.

Clean and germ free pillows are practically as vital as hygienic mattress for a deluxe sleep. Get rid of horrible dreams of bugs and mites and have a blissful sleep with our high quality pillow protectors. We offer a dazzling and wide range of pillow protectors at to ensure you have a splendid and cosy sleep.

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